Bleach: Heat The Soul 7 PSP Free Download

March 29, 2018
Free download PSP games Bleach: Heat The Soul 7 for PPSSPP, ISO/CSO, diret link, single link, work. Heat the Soul 7 (or HTS 7), is the newest of the Heat the Soul series based on the Anime and Manga BLEACH.
Games information:
Title: Bleach: Heat The Soul 7
Realease date: Sep 2, 2010
Platform: PSP

Graphics/Sound -As usual, the graphics are great in the Heat the Soul series and always improve. The movements look smoother and the voices are much clearer. It does not feel laggy at all. HTS 7 brings back some memorable music from the previous installments and the boss battle musics are great! And watching those short game animation scenes are always a great welcome.


The gameplay is still mostly the same from the previous installments of the Heat the Soul series. The game is player friendly, the controls are smooth and opens up to more combos and also brings back the "soul codes" which change the gameplay experience based on what soul codes you choose such as increasing speed, hp, or attacks etc. The menu system is the same as HTS 6 so it is easy to find your way around but leaves a bit of a disappointed feeling as it feels like you are back in HTS 6. HTS 7 introduces 4 player battles for the first time as well as giant boss battles. It is easy to say that this games main focus is the 4 player and giant boss battles due to lack of improvement in other areas for the game. The level of the AI has fallen a bit in this game as they don't seem to pose too much of a challenge as opposed to the previous HTS 6. The action is still great though. However, when it comes to giant boss battles, the damage system is unbalanced. There are about ten new playable characters (when you include the resurrections and such for them). And for the first time in any of the Heat the Soul series, there is a download option to download a special movie character.

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