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January 03, 2019
Free download PSP games God Hand for PPSSPP, ISO/CSO, direct link, single link, works. Clover Studio has a knack for creating unique and off-the-wall games, many of which have ties to 2D art and gameplay. Viewtiful Joe was largely a side-scroller set in a 3D world with a cartoony art style and time-altering mechanics. The equally-excellent Okami utilized painting techniques not only for its visuals but core gameplay mechanics as well. 

One of the only interesting aspects of the game is its combat system, largely in part due to the fact that you're able to customize exactly which moves you want in your combo string. While you only have one main combo chain, you're able to fit in other moves that you've assigned to the face buttons and create attack chains on the fly. Some moves have special attributes, like juggling an opponent, tossing them away or breaking a block. This customizable aspect, and the fact that you'll earn and buy new moves as the game progresses, means that you'll constantly be switching up your attack style and incorporating new moves.



The God Hand aspect of the game refers to Gene's arm, which you can unleash when powered up and generally kick the hell out of everything for a short while. This really is little more than a power-up attack that you'll find in most any other combat-heavy game around and doesn't save the game in the least since all it does is strengthen your attacks for a handful of seconds. The Roulette Wheel is somewhat similar on a couple levels in that these moves allow you to perform some sort of devastating attack, but they're one-off moves that while looking cool don't really add a whole lot of fun to the combat system. All of these are simply eye candy and the game's reliance on these mechanics simply doesn't hold up.

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