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March 06, 2018
Free download PSP Games Battle Zone for PPSSPP, Direct link, single link, work. Battle zone arcade video game that was released in 1980 by Atari Inc. this game showing the wireframe images, and vector graphics bitmap compared use on a CRT horizontal black and white, with color display green and red. Because the game was both new and fresh, this game is very popular for many years. In this game the player must shoot the tanks and missiles that are set by your opponent and also avoid obstruction. 

Games information:
Title: Battle Zone
Release date: November 1980
Series: Battle Zone
Platform: Arcade game, Atari 2600, PlayStation Portable, other
Developer: Atari, Atari, Inc.
Designers: Owen Rubin, Ed Rotberg
Publisher: Atari, Atari Inc., Atari Games, Atari Corporation, Quicksilva, Atarisoft
Format file: ISO 

The tanks themselves come in three classes: the fast but poorly armored ASP, the all round Cabal and the heavyweight Titan. This is a novel idea but is let down by the inability to cosmetically customize the tanks, as there are only three paint schemes to choose from, and every country has the same three tank models. Even the weapons are limited to two from a choice of five for each of the three weight classes, and they look no different on the tank itself. In a game that boasts a high level of customization, this is also a disappointment.



Each class is meant to have pros and cons which make them equal to use, mainly referring to weapons choice, armor and overall speed. The problem is that the ASP is almost as fast as the Titan but with severely reduced armor and firepower. Although there seems to be a difference in agility and handling, these are minimal, and the tanks all feel very similar. This is poorly thought out and means that a varied tactical gameplay experience, in which players can choose a style suited to their own skills, cannot emerge. 

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