Windows 10 AIO November 2017 Free Download

November 15, 2017
Free Download Software Windows 10 RS3 6in1 Build 16299.64, November 2017, RS3, Latest Update, Direct link, Single and part link, Full Speed, Work. Windows AIO 10 Windows after a powerful company waiting for the Microsoft Windows operating system that sent the market into 10 rated more high speed and unique features as well. Usually the AIO versions of all the original versions in its place is a high popularity among users. In Windows Microsoft Windows 10 All in One significant changes can be seen including Multi Desktop capability can be either desktop or multiple point and start a new compilation of Windows 7 starter and is 8. As wellas all existing app on Windows can be opened in a separate window and the ability to switch between Windows more comfortable. 

The possibility of the Windows Taskbar to View Task that is added, the original version of the popular Windows and 10 PRO that is superior to Windows 8 and 8.1 is much more professional and more users are using it. Windows AIO 10 rated the Pro versions, Home, Enterprise, which you can choose any one of them in two versions 32 and 64 bit installs it. Search faster in Windows 10 working for many users is easy in such a way that you bghl start menu you will see a box and typing the desired word in the virtual space and time in your operating system it will appear. Other significant changes in this version of Windows is Microsoft's browser was added to the browser Edge Enternet Explore eye-making changes. As well as adding various tasks to remember Cortana and search for content through programs or on the Internet.

New features of the Windows operating system AIO Windows 10:
  • Formatting better in the opening pages of the
  • Added a store for all users
  • start menu Quick search functionality 
  • Added start menu and Start screen to dkhast users
  • Rated the possibility of a few desktop, and the quick selection
  • Ability to move a window from one desktop to another desktop page page
  • The transfer of the new Desktop button to the right
  • The touch features to optimize mobile دیوایس and tablets
  • Added direct support in Windows and the possibility to get the answer directly
  • Increase the speed of running multiple applications simultaneously
  • The possibility of changes in the configuration of Windows including Windows Defender
  • The apparent changes in the shape of some icons
  • Pro version 3, Home, Enterprise in 32 and 64 bit AIO for
  • Added Edge Microsoft browser
  • Added Cortana
DownloadWindows 10 AIO Update November 2017


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