Mozilla Firefox v51.0 offline installer Free Download

February 10, 2017
Free download software Mozilla Firefox Version 51.0, Mozilla Firefox open source web browser Mozilla Firefox is a fast, lightweight and is arranged. It's in a public offering in 2004, it became clear that soon will be challenged Microsoft's dominance of Internet Explorer. Since then the Mozilla Firefox 3 browser has always been superior and popular globally. Key features of the browser built on the basis of the popularity of this browser is compared to other competitors. In the following we refer to these indicators.

Browse easier (Easier Browsing)

Mozilla has provided many possibilities for changes in the users browser which makes it convenient for users. In this application you can search using the features that customize the URL box provided.

Speed ​​Mozilla Firefox JagerMonkey speed thanks to the search engine's JavaScript is loaded top speed benefit. Quickly set up pages and pages of graphics rendering engine in Firefox is available. Firefox manages complex video and web content Direct3D and Direct2D graphics system using open layer does. The problem plugins installed on this browser restarts after the re-application is removed. Tab system and Awesome Bar are fast and simple to start the search.

Security (Security)

Firefox was the first browser to take advantage of the Internet users had high security. History, searches, passwords, downloads, cookies, and cached content are all removed after system shutdown. To minimize the possibility of someone stealing your identity or finding confidential information. Ensuring content security, anti-phishing and anti-virus technology Antimalware of the Firefox browser is secure.

Personalisation and Development (Personalization & Development)

One of the best features of Firefox UI is customization. Simply right click on the Firefox navigation toolbar and select Customize your toolbar or items that you want to be added as drag and drop it there. Using Firefox add-ons is possible for you to discover and advertising in touch Vrgr people. More than a thousand themes a free installable options for you there and you can also customize the browser's appearance. Site authors and developers can create advanced content and applications using Mozilla's open-source platform and enhanced API to create.

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