Microsoft Office 2016 For Mac VL v15.28.0 Free Download

November 17, 2016
Free Download Mac Software Microsoft Office 2016 For Mac Free, Version 15.28.0, Mac Software, Adaryst Microsoft Office software tool created by Microsoft and published the first version of the software for Mac and DOS was released in 1989. The first version of this software suite includes tools for Excel, Word and PowerPoint respectively. Last full version of this software released in 2013 and 2015. For the update was released. Now a new version called Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac has been released for the trial and the full version will be released in the second half of 2015.

The software included in Microsoft Office 2016:

Microsoft world:
Famous for making and writing texts in different languages ​​and tool type. This software is the most widely used application in the Office suite. One of the main features of this software for fonts Iranians are Persian and Persian-language The application is compatible.

Microsoft Excel:
Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application. The program can easily perform difficult mathematical calculations and detailed diagrams drawn by the powerful graphics tools.

Microsoft PowerPoint:
Another software company Microsoft PowerPoint is widely used. The main task of this program is to build slides and play it. Slides that are used in all fields. Including sports, education ... one of the most important uses of this application in the field of advertising. Individuals and companies to introduce their products to the preparation of slides and display advertising spend

Microsoft Outlook:
Appropriate and useful software to manage email and letters online

Microsoft Access:
Software for storing information and updates information. The software was originally tasked with creating a proper database and search functionality with a beautiful form is appropriate.

Microsoft OneNote:
Software to search for information, arranging and sharing them. The electronic version of the application can be named Notepad.

Microsoft Publisher:
The software for editing and layout is compiled and used magazines and newspapers. This software is only for Windows and Mac OS benefit of this software is

Microsoft Lync Server:
Software Link As its name suggests, is used to communicate between individuals and organizations. This application integrates all means of communication in the office. Appliances such as, e-mail, web conferencing, fax, audio and video is Pyamhly

Microsoft InfoPath:
The software is applied for the post and categorize forms electronically.

Download : Microsoft Office 2016 For Mac VL v15.28.0


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