Windows XP Professional SP4 Free Download

October 05, 2016
Free download software Windows XP Professional SP4, Latest Version, Windows XP support indeed has ended on 8 April, so Windows XP users do not expect to get the latest update when there are still many users in the world. Therefore, developer Harkaz who understands Windows is very good and understands "patch fixes" Windows has released an unofficial 4 service pack (SP4) for Windows XP 32 bit users because he himself is also a loyal XP loyalizer.

Windows XP Unofficial SP4 is a cumulative update of Windows XP that can be used on XP with SP1, and includes udpate for various Windows XP components including MCE and Tablet PC. Even Microsoft. NET Frameworks 4.0, 3.5, 1.1 and 1.0 (Tablet PC) are also included in this Windows XP SP4 update. This service pack update project has been started since late 2013 and its developers continue to add updates since May, June, July and August to complete. Although Microsoft does not recommend this patch, but for you Windows XP loyal users certainly do not mind this and Microsoft itself is still providing the basic level for cyber security for Windows XP until July 2015.

Windows XP Professional SP4 Preview :

Download : Windows XP Professional SP4


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