Kaspersky Rescue Disk 2018 v10.0.32.17 Free Download

February 19, 2018
Free Download Antivirus Kaspersky Rescue Disk v10.0.32.17 Build 2018.02.18 for Windows, latest update, direct link, single link, work. Kaspersky Rescue Disk Kaspersky Rescue Disk software is a security software and anti-viral which is for free by the famous and large company Kaspersky. But the difference is the software with other software of this company?! Kaspersky Rescue Disk when system contamination is too high so that causes the destruction of Windows and other Windows will not be able to use, we can use this software as a rescue disk operation. 

Anti-virus software in critical conditions to be able to clean up the system and this causes a problem in the system. When the operating system is loaded, the malicious programs could not be controlled. To scan for and delete the infected computer without the risk of a threats infecting other files or computers you can use Kaspersky Rescue Disk software to boot the system.

Kaspersky Rescue Disk: other specifications easily is able to make your system problems when you don't have access to Windows fix. The obvious and important features of the software scan information and intelligent cleanup executable files without damage or remove them. In addition, you can copy it onto the Flash memory save up you don't need to burn the disc, that this case is among the unique features of this software that makes. Therefore, all users are able to use the boot disk software that is very valuable to use so that they can in the face of difficulties and threats will have a safe and secure solution.

Kaspersky Rescue Disk software features:
  • More the virus outside of the Windows environment system
  • The ability to save to disk and Flash memory
  • Possibility to change the scan methods according to your needs
  • FAT32 file system types and identification – NTFS boot via
  • The ability to configure the network, including Wi-Fi
Download : Kaspersky Rescue Disk 2018 v10.0.32.17


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