Socom U.S Navy Fireteam Bravo 3 PSP Free Download

March 01, 2018
Free download PSP games Socom U.S Navy Fireteam Bravo 3 for PPSSPP, Latest update, direct link, single link, work. Socom U.S Navy Fireteam Bravo 3 is so good that pulled me, someone who has greatly ignored the SOCOM series for the past few years in from the get-go. 

Games Informattion:
Title: Socom U.S Navy Fireteam Bravo 3
Release date: February 11, 2010
Developer: Slant Six Games
Series: SOCOM
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Genre: Third-person shooter
Platform: PlayStation Portable
Format files: ISO

Here, you'll play as Wraith, a SEAL squad leader who just put together a four-man squad for an ultra hush-hush mission. Seems a U.S. operative is behind Soviet lines and everyone the government sends to check in with the mole never reports back. So, the SEALs are going in on their own to get to the bottom of the conundrum. What Fireteam Bravo 3 does that the other SOCOM games didn't is put the focus on action and the responsibility on your shoulders. The guys are on a black-ops mission -- there's no HQ chirping in their ears, no fancy intelligence using 3D, and no rescue boat right around the corner. Before every mission, Wraith and company pour over a worn map and some black and white photos to plan their attack. When things go wrong on the inside -- like a squadmate becoming a hostage -- the SEALs react on their own and formulate a plan.



Most importantly, you get to pick how you and your squad tackle each situation. Yes, SOCOM excels at putting you in Wraith's shoes. You can tell the team to hold position and then run ahead to stealth kill the patrolling guards or send the team ahead of you and tell them to fire at will so the path will be cleared. You can have them kick open doors and toss flash bangs or kick in the door and just shoot everyone. This feels like it's your team. These guys are taking orders from no one but you, and it's a hell of a feeling when you get the system down and see the squad function like a well-oiled machine. 
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