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September 20, 2017
Free Download Software iOS 11 Final , For iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Direct link, Single link, Full Speed, Work. His new IP is To despise SS for all, Apple released the Conference immediately afterthe introduction of the Apple products is the first beta version of iOS 11 give all developers. All users of the demo version of the disadvantaged experience because developers have all bugs and errors to fix this new version public. in IP hes 11 lets you take photos of live loop folks like to have Apple's music also Boomerangupdated and can keep up with Listen to what your friends and on the side of more social functionality capabilities lack of harassment when driving ON by activating the device display is turned off. 

Also in this new version you see Metal 2 and theHEVC and unwanted touch can better recognize the page and this thread in the saving battery consumption causes.

The new iOS version 11 new features including group touch Facetime was added, the possibility of depositing the money to another person through the iMessage, the ability to replace audio calls by default instead of the smart battery charging and taking phone calls, recover more natural and better for Siri conversation Possible translation, audio in English, Chinese, French, German, Italian and Spanish, recover the camera quality images and fotos for the record in low-light conditions, a control center, along with a very beautiful design icons and widgets more beautiful, the introduction of a new section in the daily application Today Editor's choice, Top Story, partvirtual reality Kit was added with another new feature called AR and several added.

How to istall 
  • Easy to install iOS 11 Beta training without the need to register the UDID registration or
  • The beginning of your device files and data Back Up.
  • With the iPhone or iPad go to this link, make note that this link will open in Safari browser.
  • You automatically to install the iOS Software Beta Profile "profile» redirected.
  • After installing the device need to be rebooted.
  • After booting the device to go under settings
  • Settings-> General -> Software update
  • On the route have been told and now have iOS 11 developer beta for you is that it cannot get visible.
  • If this update is not displayed a little wait, if not the device once again rebooted.
  • After the reboot the first iOS beta 11 is available.
  • After 11 Beta iOS through iOS received OTA, more like any other time.
DownloadiOS 11 Final For iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch


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