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September 03, 2017
Free Download PPSSPP Games Ape Escape: On The Loose, Direct link, Single link, Full Speed, Works.  APE Escape that I share on this occasion is the PSP games that can be played on PCPAL or PAL in the Android Emulator with the help of PPSSPP. This game is an Adventure Game in which PAL would control someone named Spike. in this game the Spike were required to travel through space time and captures approximately 200 Monkeys are scattered in different areas, to prevent the monkeys changed history. The story begins when a monkey named Specter met Professor Peak Point Helmet and the monkey making a mess.

Game Information :
Title: Ape Escape: On The Loose
Publisher: Sony
Genre: Adventure
Region: USA
Rilis: 2005-06-09
Format: ISO
Leaguage: English

The latest devices are sophisticated, able to enhance human intelligence, it turns out that when in the program on Specter instead turned into a Monkey Nakat, savageand thirst for power is the strength of the helmet allow the Spectre to free themselves from their enclosures while also freeing hundreds of other monkeys at the Zoo. Specter and the monkeys escaped to a nearby lab where Professor who created the Peak Point Helmet was working on his latest invention, namely a time machine.

After taking over laboratrium, Specter and the other monkeys to use a time machine to escape into the past. Well this is where the role of the friend who portrayed asSpike, who was a friend of the professor. PAL's mission is to catch Specter and themonkeys who had escaped in time to prevent them from changing history and take over the world.
Ape Escape: On the Loose is a Platformer 3D game published by Sony released on March 22, 2005 for the Sony PlayStation Portable.

Gameplay :

Ape Escape: On The Loose
Download | Size-332 MB


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