GO Keyboard v3.18 APK Free Download

July 06, 2017
Free Download Software GO Keyboard APK, Version 3.18, Lates Uppdate, Android APPS, Direct link, Single link, Full Speed, Works. One of the most professional and most popular keyboard software that supports most languages ​​in the world, especially Persian language. This app is provided by the GO team for Android and iPhone for free. GO Keyboard software is currently rated 4.4 out of 5.0 in App Store and PlayStation stores, and today more than 250 million users worldwide have received this app. This software is designed to eliminate all errors while typing. This software has more than 100 different and very nice themes and supports the world's top 60 languages. If you're tired of your phone's keyboard or want the latest on the keyboard, we'll offer you this software.

The GO Keyboard software has features like word recognition, swap typing, typing, stylish themes, keyboard personalization, and so on. This app has all the exact words and gives you the ability to change the font to write. Using the keyboard software, use the desired images on the back of the keyboard or hide the keyboard display by swiping it on the screen. GO Keyboard software supports all Android 2.1 and above iOS 8.0. Today we have provided one of the latest versions of this software that we hope will be of interest to all of your users.

=>   GO Keyboard v3.18 APK | 95.1 MB

Characteristics of software GO Keyboard :
Very simple user interface
Has over 100 stylish and beautiful themes
Has a very nice and funny type of shit
Ability to customize the keyboard
Speech-to-English speech capability
Supports slide input
Multi-Touch support
Various and accurate word types
Full support for Persian language
Can be used on all Android phones, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
Support for Android 2.3 and above and iOS 8.0


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